penny anderson 2019

Penny Anderson

Energy Program Assistant and IT Coordinator

oral bannan

Orla Bannan

Strategic Engagement Manager

julianne basinger 2019

Julianne Basinger

Senior Communications Manager

cydney beadles 2019

Cydney Beadles

Senior Staff Attorney

laura belanger 2019

Laura Belanger

Senior Water Resources Engineer & Policy Advisor

john berggren 2019

John Berggren

Water Policy Analyst

theresa bushman 2019

Theresa Bushman

Vice President of Development and Communications

John Cyran

Senior Staff Attorney, Healthy Rivers Program

cameron dyer 2019

Cameron Dyer

Clean Energy Program Staff Attorney

april elliott 2019

April Elliott

Program & Legal Assistant

gwen farnsworth

Gwen Farnsworth

Senior Energy Policy Advisor

Zoe Feder 2019

Zoë Feder

Development Coordinator

Meera Fickling

Meera Fickling

Senior Climate Policy Analyst

Jessica Gelay

Jessica Gelay

Colorado Government Affairs Manager

rachel hamby

Rachael Hamby

Western Lands Senior Policy Analyst

sophie hayes 2019

Sophie Hayes

Senior Staff Attorney

callie hood 2019

Callie Hood

Legal and Program Assistant

ella jeffers 2019

Ella Jeffers

Accounting Manager


Autumn T. Johnson

Arizona Government Affairs Manager

pam johnson

Pamela Johnson

Office Administrator


Meagan Kadlec

Recruitment and Hiring Manager

nancy kelly

Nancy Kelly

Senior Policy Advisor

aaron kressig 2019

Aaron Kressig

Transportation Electrification Manager

abby kuranz 2019

Abby Kuranz

Digital Marketing Manager

ellen howard kutzer 2019

Ellen Howard Kutzer

Senior Staff Attorney

Jame Larson

James Larson

Grants Manager


Marcela Lopezlira

Program and Legal Assistant


Greg Macias

Vice President of Programs & Strategy

steve michel 2019

Steve Michel

Deputy Director, Clean Energy Program

Andre Miller

Andre Miller

Western Lands Policy Analyst

bart miller 2019

Bart Miller

Healthy Rivers Program Director

kim miller 2019

Kim Mitchell

Senior Water Policy Advisor


Joan Moses

Digital Engagement Specialist

maria najera 2019

Maria Nájera

Government Affairs Director

regina nichols 2019

Regina Nichols

Paralegal/Office Manager

john nielsen 2019

John Nielsen

Clean Energy Program Director

elizabeth o'connell 2019

Elizabeth O’Connell

Donor Relations Officer

pat o'connell 2019

Pat O’Connell

Senior Clean Energy Policy Analyst

erin overturf 2019

Erin Overturf

Deputy Director, Clean Energy Program

Jeff Raley

Jeff Raley

IT Manager

matt rubin 2019

Matt Rubin

Clean Energy Program Analyst


Vijay Satyal

Senior Energy Market Policy Analyst

nick schou 2019

Nick Schou

Utah Government Affairs Manager

jenn campbell

Jenn Simon (Campbell)

Deputy Director of Development


Jane Morton Sovndal

Senior Grants Manager


Erika Stadsklev

Executive Assistant

adam stafford 2019

Adam Stafford

Senior Staff Attorney

Jason Swann

Jason Swann

Western Lands Policy Analyst


Stacy Tellinghuisen

Senior Climate Policy Analyst

jamie trafficanda

Jamie Trafficanda

Communications Manager

rick trilsch 2019

Rick Trilsch

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Clare Valenrine

Clare Valentine

Flexible Grid Analyst

jeremy vesbach 2019

Jeremy Vesbach

Western Lands Program Director

jor walker

Joro Walker

General Counsel

ken wilson 2019

Ken Wilson

Engineering Fellow

brendan witt 2019

Brendan Witt

Digital Communications Coordinator