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Kim Mitchell

Senior Policy Advisor


Healthy Rivers

Office Location

Phoenix, Arizona

Area of Focus

Kim’s work is aimed at expanding and supporting conservation programs that help stabilize Lake Mead, protecting the state’s groundwater resources, and increasing water management flexibility in Arizona. She collaborates with key water stakeholders and conservation partners and works closely with state agency staff to promote state and Colorado River water supply sustainability. Kim’s current work focuses on facilitating innovative water-sharing transactions that help manage limited supplies with flexibility.


Kim, an Arizona native, joined WRA in 2018.  Early in her career, she was a hydrologist at the Arizona Department of Water Resources for over 20 years working in a variety of disciplines including basin-wide groundwater studies, recharge, and instream flow. Following ADWR, Kim served as the Executive Director of the Arizona Water Banking Authority for five years where she was responsible for all contracts and intergovernmental agreements for storing sufficient water to firm municipal and industrial supplies, to assist in Indian water rights settlements, and to fulfill interstate obligations with Nevada. Most recently, Kim worked as a consultant to the Central Arizona Project on water planning and management projects.


  • Bachelor of Science in Natural Resources and Environment Science – Water Resources Program from Purdue University

Favorite thing about the West

Arizona’s diverse landscape from the Sonoran desert to high alpine mountains, breathtaking sunsets, endless trails and the smell of creosote after a desert rain.



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