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Across the West, people are living the climate crisis and are affected daily by extreme drought, wildfires, and air pollution. Poll after poll shows that Westerners agree we need strong action to address the impacts of climate change.

While every person is impacted by the changing climate, Black, Indigenous, Latino/Latina, Asian, multiracial, and biracial communities bear a far higher burden because of exposure to toxic co-pollutants, environmental racism, exclusion from decision making, and economic uncertainty.

WRA works across the region to reduce carbon emissions in line with the scientific consensus of what is necessary to prevent catastrophic warming. We are committed to working with advocates in environmental justice, conservation, health, and business to make meaningful progress on reaching the Interior West’s near-term climate goals. In addition, we work closely with state and regional utilities, regulatory bodies, government agencies and academic organizations to advance our goals of clean energy, water, transportation, and air.

At WRA, we know that when we protect the health of the environment, we also protect the health and well-being of communities that rely on it for their lives and livelihoods. We believe it is vital to build relationships with a broad group of allies to ensure the laws and rules we work hard to pass are implemented. If you are interested in learning more about partnering with WRA, please reach out to Maria Nájera, Government Affairs Director.

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Our Partners and Coalitions


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