Our Impact

Using legal and policy expertise developed over three decades in the West, WRA is a leading driver of state action — where many of the most important decisions and climate progress is made — to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.



We advocate in front of state utility commissions, shape policy with state legislators, and educate local decision makers on how to advance conservation.


We use science and research to help state and local governments shape and assess laws and rules that drive change and create accountability.


We collaborate and build relationships with a broad and diverse group of allies to ensure laws are passed and implemented in good faith to yield real results for all communities.



We support communities most affected by climate change by advocating for inclusion and ensuring all voices are heard where decisions are made.


Acres of Western land protected


Bills passed in support of tackling climate change and protecting rivers, lands, and air


Tons of yearly greenhouse gas reductions secured


Dollars WRA helped drive in 2021 towards utility investment in transportation electrification in Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah

WRA has been extremely effective in moving utilities across the West to adopt clean energy solutions at scales needed to address the climate emergency. The knowledge and savvy WRA brings to the table in every state creates real progress.
Ted W.
WRA Donor from Colorado
electric truck

Electrifying Cars in New Mexico and Colorado

Secured Advanced Clean Trucks and Advanced Clean Cars II in Colorado and New Mexico, which are foundational to reaching science-based climate goals. Transportation is the largest source of climate-warming emissions in the country, and emissions from on-road sources that are regulated by these polices account for over 80% of those emissions. Together, these standards will ensure that an increasing number of zero-emission vehicles are on Colorado and New Mexico’s roads – from passenger vehicles to delivery vans to eighteen-wheel semi-trucks.  

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Saving Water in New Mexico

Secured an investment of $7.5 million for New Mexico’s Strategic Water Reserve. The reserve is used to purchase or lease water rights to keep the state’s rivers flowing for the benefit of endangered species and to meet obligations under interstate water compacts but has been chronically underfunded since 2005. In 2023, the legislature restored its investment at nearly triple what the program ever received in a single appropriation. WRA was a driving force behind this historic investment that will provide consistent funding critical to keeping water in rivers. 

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Getting More Kids Outside in Nevada

Secured an appropriation of $500,000 for Nevada’s Outdoor Education and Recreation Grant Program.

Established in 2019 but not funded until 2023, this program provides outdoor education and recreation opportunities for disproportionately impacted students across Nevada, building the next generation of environmental stewards. In the first round of grantmaking, 23 organizations were selected to receive $252,250 out of 60 applications requesting $1.4 million in support. The high volume of requests demonstrates the clear need for improved outdoor recreation opportunities in the state. 


Limiting Water Waste in Colorado

Passed one of the strongest municipal water-wise landscaping ordinances in Colorado. Nearly 70% of water in Broomfield, Colorado (a suburb just outside of Denver), was used to irrigate turfgrass that was considered non-functional, wasting a significant amount of water each year. The ordinance establishes standards for new and redeveloped homes and commercial properties, including limits on turfgrass and new requirements for irrigation systems. It also provides a model for other municipalities on how to improve water security while relieving the strain on our rivers and lakes. This is one of three similar ordinances WRA passed in 2023 as a part of our greater vision to reduce water use from the Colorado River and ensure climate and drought resilient communities.  



Protecting New Mexico’s Cultural Resources

Passed the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund in New Mexico with a $350 million appropriation, the first dedicated land and water conservation fund in the state’s history. The Legacy Fund provides a much needed source of funding for the state to leverage federal money and deliver critical resources to New Mexico communities like wildfire protection, land restoration, and equitable outdoor access. WRA led the effort on developing the policy, built a diverse coalition to garner support, and carried out a successful lobbying effort at the legislature. 


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