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Kathryne Grove

Kathryne Grove

Vice President of Equity and Culture


Senior Leadership

Area of Focus

As the Vice President of Equity and Culture, Kathryne works to build a greater understanding among staff about the systemic inequities that have impacted communities’ land, air, rivers, and drinking water, in order to champion WRA’s policy efforts and proactively address climate change and advance equity throughout the West with our partners.


Kathryne joined Western Resource Advocates in June 2022.  As a former social worker, attorney, and director of multiple civil rights programs, she has worked tirelessly to address issues of racial, gender, access, and economic inequalities.  Throughout her career, Kathryne has worked to promote a culture of belonging as an empathetic diversity, equity, and inclusion professional and as a change agent working to dismantle systemic barriers.


Kathryne holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Northern Colorado and a JD from the University of Denver.

Favorite thing about the West

Kathryne loves so many things about the West that it is hard to pick just one, but having grown up in southern New Mexico she knows that nothing beats a desert sunset.

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