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Jon Goldin-Dubois



Senior Leadership

Office Location

Boulder, Colorado

Area of Focus

Since joining Western Resource Advocates as President in 2014, Jon’s focus has been in three primary areas:

  • Building resources to achieve WRA’s vision of a carbon-free economy by 2050, a healthy Colorado River that flows to the sea, and a West where half of landscapes are protected to support thriving, diverse species and our natural and cultural heritage;
  • Strategic engagement on WRA’s conservation priorities, including working with decision-makers, stakeholders and partners; and,
  • Working with WRA’s Board of Directors to strengthen governance and ensure the long-term health and effectiveness of the organization.


Jon Goldin-Dubois, a native Westerner, has been an innovator within the nonprofit community for almost 30 years. His background includes strategic advocacy, fundraising, campaign leadership, policy development and analysis, and grassroots organizing. His career spans several disciplines, including a wide variety of work on environmental, conservation and energy issues, government reform and accountability, and youth and international development. Jon has provided strategic guidance to non-profit organizations developing diverse coalitions, training leaders around the globe in effective advocacy skills, and planning successful campaigns to address a broad array of social and environmental challenges.


B.A. from the University of Denver in International Studies and an M.A. in Public Administration from the University of Colorado at Denver.

Favorite thing about the West

I love the West and am inspired by the way the air feels and smells in the mountains after a rainstorm, the sense of insignificance and solitude of a desert overlook and the way running a river makes my heart beat not just faster but also stronger. My Favorite family activities include skiing, hiking, camping and a variety of other outdoor pursuits.

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