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Severiano DeSoto

Severiano DeSoto

Western Lands Energy Siting Analyst


Western Lands

Office Location

Denver, Colorado

Area of Focus

Severiano’s work focuses on tracking policy proposals at the federal level to identify areas where WRA’s team can provide state-focused information or analysis to assist in the development of federal policy. Working with the Clean Energy team and a broader coalition of organizations, his work seeks to identify opportunities for Interior West states created by new federal action, help inform policymakers of clean energy and climate policy successes from the Interior West to inform federal policy development, and identify state-level climate and clean energy policy efforts that could be boosted through additional federal support or resources.


Severiano joined WRA in 2021. Prior to joining WRA, he worked in various levels of restaurant management across Denver and Boulder with Illegal Pete’s. Born and raised in Colorado, Severiano always felt a deep connection with nature that led him to dedicate his life to addressing climate change, environmental justice, and working to protect natural resources in the west for future generations.


Severiano is currently working towards a M.S. in Environmental Policy and Management at the University of Denver and has a B.A. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Favorite thing about the West

The wide-open spaces full of new adventures. Hiking and camping with my family in the mountains. The peaceful solitude of being in the backcountry, floating on a river, or climbing a mountain.

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