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Nancy Kelly

Senior Policy Advisor


Clean Energy

Office Location

Salt Lake City, Utah

Area of Focus

Nancy advocates policies and mechanisms that reduce the environmental impact of electricity production in the Interior West. This includes policies and mechanisms to accelerate the region’s transition to renewable energy, energy efficiency and other demand-side resources, responsible transmission expansion, and the deployment of newer clean-energy technologies. She represents WRA in regulatory, political, and other policy forums, and works directly with the region’s electric utilities, the regulatory staff, consumer advocates, the business community, and the environmental community. Transmission work includes participation and involvement in the Western Electricity Coordinating Council, its committees, subcommittees and taskforces where she served as a member of the Board of Directors for close to 14 years; other regional and sub-regional boards, groups and committees; and monitoring FERC developments with respect to transmission, energy efficiency, and renewable energy development.


Nancy was a consultant, technical consultant, and utility economist with the Committee of Consumer Services, the group representing Utah small customer interests in energy and utility matters. She focused primarily on regional electricity issues. In that capacity she was elected to the Western Electricity Coordinating Council Board of Directors in 2002 and continues to serve in that role. Prior to working on energy-related issues, Nancy was the staff economist for the Center for Business Research and Services at Idaho State University. She has taught a number of courses at Idaho State University, Westminster College, and the University of Utah.


  • Bachelor of Science in Economics from Idaho State University
  • Doctor of Philosophy (all but dissertation) candidate from the University of Utah Department of Economics

Favorite thing about the West:

It’s my home. I love the beauty, diversity, and contrasts of its people, culture and landscape. I particularly enjoy the smell of warm juniper needles and sunbaked rocks on a hot summer day.

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