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Jermareon Williams

Jermareon Williams

Government Affairs Manager


Government Affairs

Office Location

Carson City, Nevada

Area of Focus

Jermareon works to advance innovative legislative and administrative policy solutions critical to addressing the state’s most pressing conservation challenges. As the first person to hold this position in Nevada, he is eager to get creative and bring forward policy that will protect local communities.


Born and raised in Las Vegas, Jermareon has a deep love for his community and the entire state. Having grown up in areas where there was heavy pollution, working to ensure others have clean air to breathe makes his work at WRA personal. But a career in government affairs was not initially on his radar. It wasn’t until his first opportunity to vote in 2012 that he became exposed to the energy around the election process and importance of the work of our elected leaders. During his senior year of college, he secured an internship with Senator Harry Reid, where he witnessed firsthand the collective action required in moving forward efforts to protect our planet.

Senator Reid’s office then brought Jermareon on board after graduation where he served as the public lands and clean energy liaison and worked with conservation organizations to protect public lands in Nevada, including Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument and Gold Butte National Monument. And that was just the start of his service as a staffer in the U.S. Senate.

Prior to joining WRA, Jermareon was also the small business manager for U.S Senator Jacky Rosen where he helped small business owners locate funding for their businesses and acted as a liaison for Nevada’s Native American, African American, and tech communities. He’s most proud of working with these small business owners to facilitate critical funding during the pandemic to help keep their businesses operating during unprecedented circumstances.

After nearly a decade working in the Senate, Jermareon wanted to dedicate his professional focus to environmental work. He wanted to wake up every day knowing that he played a part in saving the world. He sees this as an opportunity to bring progress for environmental justice for everyone – regardless of race, income, or background. Being part of WRA, he gets to actualize this dream by working with a team of experts committed to improving air quality and protecting the land, water, and wildlife in our Western states.


  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Film from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Favorite thing about the West

The open air and the public lands.

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