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Our team of experts uses Western ingenuity and practicality that is backed by science to drive change for a more sustainable future.

WRA is a nonprofit advocacy organization fighting climate change and its impacts to sustain the environment, economy, and people of the West.

Our regional offices serve as hubs for our team of experts – policy analysts, economists, engineers, attorneys, and government affairs specialists – to leverage our unique strengths and drive solutions on a scale that is proportionate to the complex issues we face.

Government Affairs Experts

Maria Nájera

Government Affairs Director

Tahlia Bear

Indigenous Peoples Engagement Manager

Our Policy Expertise by State

WRA works across seven states in the Interior West and learned early on that we achieve the best results when we focus on the venues where decisions are made — at state legislatures, within state agencies and commissions, and working directly with utilities, local governments, and municipalities.

We advocate in front of state utility commissions, shape policy with state legislators, and educate local decision makers on how to advance conservation. By using science and research, WRA helps state and local governments shape and assess laws and rules that drive change and create accountability.

Indigenous Tribes in the Interior West

WRA recognizes the rights and sovereignty of the first peoples of the Interior West. We work to build relationships with Indigenous communities to understand their climate needs and challenges and work to elevate Indigenous needs in state forums across the Interior West. The following map showcases the Indigenous tribes and federally recognized territories across the Interior West. The yellow represents Indigenous territories while the blues highlight the traditional homelands of Indigenous tribes. Search your address in the top right search bar to see what traditional homelands you reside on. We encourage all Western residents to better understand the history and current context of first nation lands that they live within. 

About the Issues

WRA is tackling the largest sources of carbon pollution, improving air quality for nature and people, protecting and restoring our rivers and water supply, and connecting the West’s unparalleled landscapes. Learn more about these issues in each of our states and across the region.

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