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Lindsay Rogers

Policy Manager for Municipal Conservation


Healthy Rivers

Office Location

Denver, Colorado

Area of Focus

Lindsay leads the organization in developing and implementing a key set of conservation strategies at the state and local level, to decrease the use of water in the municipal sector to bolster communities’ water security and reduce pressure on Western rivers and streams. She identifies emerging issues in conservation and municipal land use planning to create and leverage opportunities to meet WRA’s strategic plan goals. As climate change and population growth further strain Western waterways, she works closely with municipalities, water utilities, partners, and decision makers to improve water efficiency, boost local resilience, and protect rivers.

Her successes in Colorado and Utah create momentum across the Colorado River Basin and show what is possible when it comes to safeguarding rivers and conserving limited water supplies.


Lindsay joined Western Resource Advocates in 2021. Previously, she spent five years as the Colorado Basin Program Manager at WaterNow Alliance, focused on advancing sustainable water policies and programs in the West by working directly with municipal water decision makers. Lindsay serves on the Board of Colorado WaterWise and as the Land & Water Chair on the City of Edgewater’s Sustainability Board.


One of Lindsay’s primary accomplishments since joining WRA is helping to create Colorado’s first state-wide program that provides residents, businesses, institutions, and homeowners associations with financial incentives to replace thirsty turfgrass with drought-tolerant landscaping. She played a significant part in drafting the legislation, testifying in the state Senate, and engaging with stakeholders to get the bill over the finish line. Since the legislation’s enactment, there has been a groundswell of interest in developing and scaling turf replacement programs in Colorado and other Western states.


  • Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies and International Relations from Tufts University

Favorite thing about the West

Hiking through Aspen trees in the Fall.

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