Tell your state lawmakers that you support protecting 30×30

We need to take action to protect and connect Western lands.

We have a goal of protecting 30% of Western lands and water by 2030. Let your state lawmakers know you support this initiative! >>

The United States is losing nature at an alarming pace — a football field’s worth of natural lands is lost to human development every 30 seconds. Ecologists, led by E.O. Wilson, say that we must protect at least 50% of land and water for nature to prevent the majority of species from going extinct.

This is Western Resource Advocates’ goal for the West, but we recognize that the biggest challenge is mobilizing political will to protect half the planet. So we have set an interim goal of reaching 30% protection by 2030. Federal legislation has been proposed, but state and local action will be necessary to achieve this target.

We’re working with state and local decision makers, conservation partners, and communities across the West to get it done. Here are just a few of the ways we’re making sure Western states do their part to achieve 30 x 30:

  • Working with state agencies and partners to find opportunities to set aside unique landscapes like the newly created Fishers Peak State Park in Colorado that ensure protection for irreplaceable wildlife habitat while providing more ways for people to get outside.
  • Working with a broad coalition in Nevada to help identify rivers and lakes with high ecological and aesthetic value so Nevada can protect sensitive wetlands like Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.
  • Working in urban areas so that all communities can share in the benefits of protected land and waters. We want to ensure there are more places like Albuquerque’s Valle de Oro, the first urban national wildlife refuge in the Southwest, which is an oasis for waterfowl and a living lab for area school kids.

Protecting and connecting natural landscapes and watersheds across our region as a part of the larger international efforts is crucial for a number of reasons. It will help species survive and thrive; ensure the health of our rivers, lakes, and water supplies; and combat the global climate crisis.

Tell your state decision makers that you support setting a goal to protect 30 x 30! >>

We’ve drafted a letter below for you to send to your state representative telling them you support setting a goal to protect 30% of your state’s land and water by 2030. You can simply enter your information and hit send. Or use the text box to personalize your letter, add to it, or start from scratch to tell them why you support this conservation goal!


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