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At WRA, we believe in a bright climate future, and we're creating policy change to make it a reality. This election year, we’re shining a light on climate solutions and planting the seeds for a better tomorrow.

In 2024, WRA is shining a light on climate solutions and planting the seeds for a brighter climate future.

Every little bit that we do matters. Every drop of water saved, every particle of pollution removed from our air, and every square foot of land protected will impact our communities and ecosystems for the better. During this election year, we’re not giving up, and we’re not going to let our leaders give up either. 

Neither should you. 



As a thank you for taking this pledge and a sign of your commitment to a Bright Climate Future, WRA will send you a free lightbulb pin.

This lightbulb pin is meant to be a symbol of hope and a reminder of the policies being passed today that will bloom into a thriving and sustainable West.  We hope you’ll wear this pin as a sign of your belief in a brighter climate future and commitment to doing what you can to help us get there.

Belief in A Bright Climate Future: I pledge to share the hopefulness of climate solutions and do what I can to support them.

Knowledge is Power: I pledge to learn who my local and state representatives are and where they stand on climate issues like water conservation, land protection, and renewable energy. I pledge to learn more about key environmental issues and initiatives happening in my region.

Use My Voice: I pledge to send an email, sign an action alert, or attend a meeting and give public comment on a local environmental issue that matters to me.

Vote Locally: I pledge to vote in the federal, state, and local races for elected officials that represent my environmental values.

We believe that the opposite of climate despair is climate action.  

There are many things that you as an individual can do while also holding those in power accountable and supporting long-term, institutional change.  

Your advocacy is powerful. We’ve seen advocates completely change the trajectory of a policy decision by showing up and making their voices heard. In New Mexico, if it wasn’t for the hundreds of advocates who attended the hearings, reached out to decision makers, and submitted comments, it would have been much harder to pass new clean cars and trucks standards that will ensure clean air and equitable access to electric vehicles!   

Voting for representatives who support your climate values, sending an email to your state representative, or showing up to your local town council meeting can make the difference between whether we continue the status quo or start building a brighter climate future.

Our local and statewide representatives have the power to decide on issues like whether our communities are water wise and building climate resilient developments or if our states have enough funding to protect our public lands and make them accessible to all. This is why it’s critical to make a voting plan for federal, state, and local elections. Voting “down ballot,” or outside of the federal elections, are some of the most important decision making positions for our everyday lives!

Because of this, we invite you to take WRA’s Bright Climate Future pledge.

This pledge is a commitment to leveraging this important election year to create a sustainable and resilient future for the West. We have an opportunity to continue our climate action momentum, but we need you! 


Join us in taking a stand for climate action this election season. Together we can pave the way for a brighter climate future. 💡

Each climate advocate who takes our Bright Climate Pledge will receive a bright climate enamel pin, resources for the 2024 election, positive climate emails and other special content to help uplift and connect our community. Visit the link in our bio to take our pledge today. 📩 

Let's create a better West for everyone. ☀️
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GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power of radical generosity. We appreciate all who have given in the past like Crystal from Las Vegas and we are excited to welcome new donors this giving season. We've also made it even easier to utilize your employee matching with Double the Donation which is built right into our giving page. 

Your support allows us to continue to fight climate change to support the environment, people and economy of the West. Donate today or wait for Giving Tuesday, November 28th to show your support on the international day of giving.

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Take part in shaping a sustainable future! 🌲💡☀️

Join us this election year as we spotlight climate solutions and sow the seeds for a brighter climate tomorrow. Pledge your support for climate action in the West, and let's create a better world together.

Visit the link in our bio to take the Bright Climate Future Pledge today! 💪

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💡Join the movement and take the Bright Climate Future pledge to create a brighter tomorrow. 

💚 Together, we can make a difference and advocate for a better climate future. Stand up for the environment and be a part of our journey to a sustainable West. 

➡️ Visit the Climate Pledge in our bio! 

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Join us for a brand new season of 2 Degrees Out West podcast! 🎙️

Discover stories of advocates in the West striving towards a thriving and healthy Western USA for everyone. Our latest episode delves into climate resilience, climate action, and our vision for a brighter climate future. ☀️ 

Tune in today and get inspired as we focus on activating our climate community in 2024. 🌎🌿 Click the podcast link in our bio or listen wherever you enjoy podcasts. 🎧
Together we can create a bright climate future. ✨ Take the climate pledge in our bio to join us. 

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📣 "An increased investment in the Outdoor Equity Grant Program would ensure that individuals from all backgrounds and income levels can enjoy the many benefits of outdoor recreation. Allocating more resources to the Outdoor Equity Fund is an investment in a brighter, more equitable future where everyone can enjoy and appreciate the natural world." 💡 🏔️ 
Check out this op-ed from J.R. Lapierre, executive director of Lincoln Hills Cares, on why Colorado should invest more in the Outdoor Equity Grant Program. #linkinbio #brightclimatefuture

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