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At 2 Degrees Out West, a podcast of Western Resource Advocates, we examine the story behind some of the most pressing conservation issues facing the West. We talk with issue experts, legislators, researchers, organizers, conservation advocates, and more about what we can do to help protect the West’s land, air, and water – and, yes, to fight the climate crisis and hold global heating to within 2 degrees Celsius.

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Harnessing Hope and Action for a Bright Climate Future with Haley Littleton and Kandice Cleveland

Let's turn pledges into palpable change, wear our commitment like a badge of honor, and use the power of social networks to rally the troops. As we envisage a community vibrant with climate champions, our discussion serves as a promise that a thriving planet isn't just a dream—it's a future we're shaping together, one pledge, one policy, one pin at a time. Tune in to learn more about our bright climate future.

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