Wintertime inversions in Salt Lake City. Summertime smog in Denver and Salt Lake City. Increasing concentrations of dangerous ultrafine particles near our highways. A methane hotspot the size of Delaware over the Four Corners. Elevated ozone levels in Las Vegas. The “brown cloud” above Phoenix. Smoke due to more frequent and more intense wildfires.

Clean air is critical to the Western way of life, our economy, and human health. Whether it’s while we hike through the Rockies or walk to school in the morning, air quality impacts our ability to spend time outside. But numerous communities throughout the West are exposed to air that does not meet health-based national air quality standards.

Pollutants like ozone, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide from sources such as power plants, mines, refineries, vehicles, small businesses, and even homes all make it harder to breathe. These pollutants can cause early death and diseases, including asthma, cancer, and heart attacks, and have even been linked to birth defects, Alzheimer’s disease, and other adverse health effects.

What can you do?

We need stronger action on climate change. We need policies that support the transition to a clean energy economy and a zero-carbon transportation future. We also need to hold our state leaders accountable and urge them to adopt strong measures that will further reduce the emissions of air pollutants from industry, vehicles and homes.

Western Resource Advocates is working to protect land, air, and water across the West. We need to prioritize clean air – not just in our individual states but as a region. Clean air is something we all deserve.

Add your name to our growing list of advocates who want cleaner air throughout the West!

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