Coloado's Climate Goals Webinar



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Colorado has set itself apart in leading the nation on state-level carbon initiatives. In 2019, state lawmakers enacted a law to create a science-based framework for Colorado to take real and immediate action to address climate change and support disproportionately impacted communities. Join our experts as they explain Colorado’s recently codified climate goals, break down what the state will need to do in order to meet them, and explain how you can help!

Our experts will cover:

Colorado’s climate goals,

Progress made to date,

Where we need to go from here, and

Explain how you can best weigh in on the process.

Meet Our Experts

western resources advocates

Stacy Tellinghuisen

Senior Climate Policy Analyst

Stacy is WRA’s Senior Climate Policy Analyst. She has published numerous reports about the water benefits of transitioning to cleaner sources of energy and has submitted testimony in public utility commission hearings and federal court cases on the subject. Stacy has worked with partners from utilities, state and federal agencies, the national labs, the renewable energy industry, and others. Stacy is currently working to submit testimony to the Air Quality Control Commission — the agency responsible for releasing a detailed road map to achieve Colorado’s climate goals — to ensure our path to reducing carbon pollution is quantifiable, enforceable, and equitable.

pam kiely
environmental defense fund

Pam Kiely

Senior Director of Regulatory Strategy

Pam Kiely is the Senior Director of Regulatory Strategy at Environmental Defense Fund and works at the intersection of state and federal regulatory policy. Pam currently spearheads EDF’s subnational carbon markets work across the United States. Previously, Pam led EDF’s work with states and power companies to implement the Clean Power Plan as well as efforts to secure major state-level transitions of power generation infrastructure from high-emitting to clean sources.

sara rose tannenbaum conservation colorado
conservation colorado

Sara Rose Tannenbaum

Climate Advocate

Sara Rose Tannenbaum is a climate advocate at Conservation Colorado, working to advance equitable climate policy through state regulatory/legislative processes and collaborative coalitions. She loves how climate connects all she holds dear: community well-being, environmental justice, clean air and water, public and working lands, and urban livability. Sara Rose has a Masters of Environmental Management from the Yale School of Forestry and a B.S. in Community-based Environmental Planning from the University of California Berkeley. Her hobbies include vegetable gardening, bike riding, and landscape watercolor sketching.