From ongoing megadrought, dangerous ground-level ozone pollution and heat waves, and increasing frequent catastrophic wildfires to erratic, devastating floods, communities across the West are experiencing the impacts of climate change right now, in real time.

The impacts of the climate crisis are no longer a looming threat in the distant or even near future, they are now a present reality, and are being disproportionately felt by Western communities in the US.

With the Colorado River reaching critically low levels, unseasonable and catastrophic winter wildfires burning through suburban communities, worsening air pollution in many of our major cities, and more, it is clear we need to take action to adapt and make our communities more resilient to the worsening effects of climate change now.

Western resource advocates is working across our organization and throughout our region to help bolster community resilience to these impacts, and to protect our air, land, water, and wildlife—and
sustain the lives and livelihoods of the West.

To understand how WRA is working with communities to create and increase resilience against climate change, we spoke with WRA’s Western Lands Senior Policy Analyst Rachael Hamby, Water Policy Analyst John Berggren, Senior Climate Policy Analyst Meera Fickling, and Senior Clean Energy Policy Analyst Alex Routhier for our latest episode of our Climate Nexus series. Want to know how your community can adopt policies to help increase resilience against these escalating threats? Then you won’t want to turn away from this one…