Bright Climate Future Pledge Resources

During this legislative session and election year, WRA can be a resource for understanding the environmental challenges facing the West and providing information and tools to help you advocate for critical solutions for a bright climate future. 

After taking the Bright Climate Future Pledge, our journey together has just begun. There are many things that individuals can do while also holding decision makers accountable and supporting real policy change. Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing downloadable resources that will help you do things like: 

  • Learn about the solutions and actions that will get us to a brighter climate future in the West.
  • Find out who your representatives are and how to contact them.
  • Learn about the power of public comment and how your advocacy can make a difference in decision making processes.
  • Make a voting plan based on key environmental issues affecting your state and community.
  • Learn why voting in all the elections on your ballot matters.

This 2024 election year is an opportunity for us to show those in power, and those running for positions of power, that climate change is a priority and that voters across demographics and the political spectrum want action now.

Scroll to find resources to support you in every aspect of fulfilling the Bright Climate Future Pledge. 

Belief in a Bright Future

Why are we hopeful?

Solving the climate crisis is going to take courage, resolution, and the belief that we can create a better future. So why are we hopeful? 

The big secret that you don’t often hear on the news is that our work fighting climate change is making progress.  

We’re hopeful because we see the progress we have already made:

  • 8 million acres of land protected in the last three years. 
  • $300 million invested in transportation electrification. 
  • 76 million tons of yearly greenhouse gas reductions secured.  

And we know that more is possible.

We’re hopeful because not just Westerners, but a broad range of Americans are on board. Two thirds of Americans support 100% renewable energy by 2035. An overwhelming majority of Westerners support protecting 30% of our land by 2030 and believe that we need to take urgent action to protect our water sources.   

We’re also hopeful because we know exactly what the challenge is before us — we know that we must cut climate warming emissions by 50% by 2030 and by close to 100% by 2050. We know that we must use 25% less water across the West and protect the Colorado River and other key rivers. We know that we must protect 30% of the West’s land and habitat by 2030.

So, what exactly does this bright future look like? Read on to see WRA’s solutions for our air, land, and water, and the health and wellbeing of the communities that rely on them.  

A Bright Future for Energy

WRA is working towards a future where: The West has reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 120 million tons.  

The world’s leading scientists have called for cutting GHG emissions by at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030. By focusing on transitioning electricity generation from fossil fuels to renewables and other clean sources, using it to power our transportation and buildings, and modernizing the electric grid for efficient delivery, WRA’s strategies will achieve over half of the remaining reductions needed in our region. 

A Bright Future for Water

WRA is working towards a future where: Western states are using 25% less water, and the Colorado and other key rivers are protected.

The Colorado River is in crisis. Decades of overuse and ongoing drought are forcing us to confront the decline of this life-giving river. The situation is now so severe that massive infrastructure on the river is at grave risk. WRA has identified strategic policy interventions that, when advanced together, will decrease water demands and protect key rivers at the scale necessary to avert disaster.

Colorado mountain and stream

A Bright Future for Lands and Wildlife

WRA is working towards a future where: 30% of Western lands in each major ecoregion are protected.  

Unparalleled natural landscapes define our region but are increasingly threatened by human development. Natural areas are disappearing at an alarming rate and causing rapid extinction of plants and animals. We must permanently protect our natural heritage and shape responsible policies to safeguard these places, the biodiversity that depends on them, and maintain a livable planet for all of us. 

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