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Climate Nexus Series: Water And Energy: Part 1

Introducing our Climate Nexus series of the 2° Out West Podcast, where we look at how our efforts to advance clean energy, protect air, land, water, and wildlife — and sustain the lives and livelihoods of the West intersect with efforts to drive
on-the-ground solutions to climate change.

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At WRA, we are working to drive on-the-ground solutions to climate change to advance clean energy, protect air, land, water, and wildlife — and sustain the lives and livelihoods of the West. And across the region, we know that almost every aspect of our lives is being impacted by the effects of climate change — from water scarcity and ongoing drought, to catastrophic wildfire and dangerous air quality levels. We know that these challenges, however distinct, are not isolated from each other. From 33 years of experience, we recognize that crafting effective solutions to address climate change and meet our science-backed emissions reductions goals requires a complex, collaborative, and multifaceted approach.   

To look at where those issues and our work to address them intersect, we’re launching the Climate Nexus series for our 2 Degrees Out West podcast. This series will dig into the ways that pressing environmental challenges and the causal factors of climate change overlap, as well as the ways in which our staff at WRA are working together and combining their expertise to drive innovative solutions and getting results.  

For this first conversation, I spoke with Stacy Tellinghuisen and Ellen Howard Kutzer of WRA’s Clean Energy Program, as well as Bart Miller and John Cyran of WRA’s Healthy Rivers Program, about how our work to cut harmful emissions from Western coal plants and transition our region to a zero-carbon economy has the potential to help keep more water flowing through rivers and streams. Confused about how those two connect? Let’s check it out….

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