Request for Proposal

Executive Search VP of Equity and Culture

RFP release date: January 3, 2022
Proposals due: January 24, 2022  

About Western Resource Advocates

WRA fights climate change and its impacts to sustain the environment, economy, and people of the West. We respect the different needs of diverse people and partner with them to develop a shared vision for progress—one that advances communities while protecting biodiversity.

Our team of policy experts, scientists, economists, and attorneys has a 30-year history of working where decisions are made, sweating the details, creating evidence-based solutions, and holding decisionmakers accountable. This on the ground work with policymakers and other advocates advances clean energy, protects air, land, water, and wildlife — and sustains the lives and livelihoods of the West.

WRA is exempt from Federal income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Western Resource Advocates has historically been predominantly white. Over the past three years WRA has taken steps to address diversity and inclusion with our organization, and to address the fact that the conservation movement has often failed people of color. Our organization has begun to change. We have partnered with skilled consultants who have helped build knowledge and understanding among our staff of racial bias, historic and systemic racism and how conservation policy has often left frontline communities and those most impacted by pollution, out of the conversations where policies are developed, resulting in inequitable outcomes. Over these past years WRA has conducted trainings for our team, changed our recruitment and interview processes and made some progress to diversify the WRA team. We have developed and refined our organization’s first plans to address diversity and inclusion within the organization. And, we have incorporated what we do best, create public policy that drives conservation outcomes, into our plans to drive equity in concert with existing and potential partners.

This work, both internally and externally is a priority for Western Resource Advocates. We know we have work to do to further define and to achieve our objectives and to become an organization that is diverse and inclusive internally, and an organization that works with the right partners to drive equity for people throughout our Western region. We are adding to our initial investments in building new partnerships with BIPOC people and organizations and with Indigenous nations by adding equity policy expertise to our program and policy teams, and adding new government affairs capacity to build and cultivate stronger partnerships.

These steps are part of our plan recognizing that there is no environmental justice or climate justice without significant pollution reductions, focused in areas that have, for too long, borne a disproportionate burden of pollution.

Our vision is that through our work, conservation policies and practices in the Intermountain West are drivers of equity and are sustained politically, socially, and economically through diverse people and partners who have a shared vision for their communities, and where diversity of people and biodiversity thrive.

The Vice President of Equity and Culture will lead the organization’s efforts to use our unique niche as a regional conservation policy organization to proactively advance diversity and inclusion within our organization, and equity throughout the West.

Reporting to the President and a member of WRA’s Executive Leadership Team, the Vice President will work with teams across the organization to drive a new strategic plan to ensure that:

• The organization’s staff and board reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the Intermountain West;
• WRA builds an organizational culture that embraces a diverse workplace, and inclusive practices;
• WRA is experienced as an authentic partner to BIPOC, low-income, and historically marginalized communities in pursuing equity and just conservation policies; and,
• WRA conservation policymaking and advocacy drives equity in conservation outcomes.

Submission Requirements

Proposals should be submitted via email to Rick Trilsch at by COB January 24, 2022.

Please use the following for organizing your proposal:

• Introduction
• Qualifications and previous executive search experience, especially for similar assignments
• Strategy for recruitment of diverse candidates, and metrics for past success
• Recruitment work plan
• Fee structure, including all fees and reimbursable expenses
• Personnel: Who we will be working with- Titles, roles, and brief bios
• Timeline: Outline of proposed timeline for the work
• Placement guarantee
• Any potential conflicts of interest
• At least three professional references specific to the individuals we would be working with on your team

Proposal Review and Evaluation

Proposals should provide a straightforward, concise response to satisfy the requirements outlined in the RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content and should be no more than eight pages, excluding any attachments.

Right to Reject

WRA reserves the right to:

• Reject any or all proposals submitted.
• Request additional information from any or all individuals/firms submitting proposals.
• Conduct discussions with respondents for the purpose of clarification to assure full understanding of, and responsiveness to, the solicitation requirements.
• Negotiate modifications to the individual’s/firm’s proposal prior to final award for the purpose of obtaining best and final offers.