Utah is a state renowned for its deserts, world class skiing, rushing rivers, and varied terrain, making it an outdoor recreation mecca for residents and visitors. In addition, the area is famous for wildlife, featuring internationally recognized birding areas like Great Salt Lake and national trophy hunting for big game. Utah is also considered a great place to call home, ranked as one of the best states to live in for its economy, lifestyle and health. Sadly, Utah’s fast-growing population is straining limited water supplies and demolishing habitat. Proposed oil shale and tar sands development is strip mining many sensitive landscapes. Air pollution in the Wasatch Front, where the majority of the population lives, is some of the worst in the country – causing significant health problems for communities during winter inversions and summer ozone events.

Western Resource Advocates champions improved air quality; protects and restores public lands, rivers and lakes; and advances clean and sustainable energy in Utah. Our staff protect Great Salt Lake, restore the health of Utah’s National Forests, halt unnecessary and dirty oil shale and tar sands development, and combat climate change. We use our expertise in some of the most technical and important processes in the state to shape outcomes that will ensure future generations can enjoy the wonders and high quality of life we do today.

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