“Home means Nevada” sings the state song.  And it is a great home for many living in the Great Basin, the Mojave Desert, or the Sierra Nevada.  Nevada’s numerous lakes and rivers, including Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake and Lake Mead, provide fun recreation to both residents and visitors. While Nevada is renowned for being the driest state in the United States, it has robust communities and diverse wildlife. Three quarters of Nevada residents call Las Vegas and Clark County home, and a good majority of the state is dependent on the Colorado River for water. Tourism and recreation are an essential part of the state’s economy. Nevada continues to be one of the fastest-growing states in the country, and mining has long been a major economic force. Unfortunately, the growing population is straining limited water supplies, and climate change is increasing heat waves, wildfires, and drought, and stressing threatened and endangered wildlife.

Western Resource Advocates works in Nevada to promote a clean energy future that will moderate climate change, protect and sustain rivers and lakes, and defend iconic landscapes. Western Resource Advocates has a robust Clean Energy Program in Nevada and we are a leader in our work to protect the Colorado River. We are dedicated to stewarding the state’s air, land and water so future generations will thrive.

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