Arizona is a diverse state – with unique deserts, rich forests, mountain plateaus, deep canyons, and lush habitat along vital rivers – including the majestic Colorado River – that are ribbons of life for residents and wildlife. Twenty-two Native American tribes have long called this area home.  Rapidly growing populations in communities such as Phoenix, Prescott and Tucson are stretching limited water supplies needed to maintain Arizona’s high quality of life, variety of businesses, vibrant rivers, diverse birds and wildlife, and agriculture. In addition, climate change is causing rising temperatures, increasing wildland fires, extending periods of drought, stressing already threatened and endangered wildlife, and impacting river flows and habitat. Many irreplaceable landscapes are under threat from sprawling communities, developments in sensitive areas, over-use of water, and coal-fired power plant emissions. .

Western Resource Advocates works to keep Arizona’s rivers healthy, promote a clean energy future to mitigate climate change, and protect iconic landscapes. We have a robust Healthy Rivers Program in Arizona and our work to advance clean energy and protect landscapes has a rich history in the state. We work to protect the state’s air, land and water so that future generations may enjoy the beauty and wonder of Arizona that we enjoy today.

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