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Get to know WRA’s newest board members!

We’re excited to welcome Michelle Campbell, Chris Robinson, and Felipe Vieyra to our board of directors. Read more to learn about how they’re planning to fight climate change with WRA.

Christie Silverstein

Christie Silverstein, APR

Marketing and Communications Director


This fall, WRA welcomed Michelle Campbell, Chris Robinson, and Felipe Vieyra to our board of directors. Our board is one of our chief assets, providing exemplary leadership to further the mission of our organization. Board members guide our work fighting climate change and its impacts in the West. They help govern the organization, raise support, and build our network of partners.

We’re so grateful to have these three new members on this important body. They are already making WRA stronger, bringing their unique perspectives, skills, experiences, and resources to the board’s vital work.

As our new board members joined us, I reached out to them to learn more about what inspires them to fight climate change in the West. Keep reading for short interviews with each new member — and to find out more about how they’re planning to solve the West’s most pressing challenges with WRA!


michelle campbell

Michelle Campbell

CEO, Diverse Talent
COO, Campbell Litigation, PC
Founder, MD Campbell & Associates, LLC
Denver, CO

chris robinson

Chris Robinson

CEO and Co-owner, The Ensign Group, L.C.
Park City, Utah

felipe vieyra

Felipe Vieyra

Director of Programs and Organizing, Leadership for Educational Equity
Denver, CO

What inspires you about WRA’s vision and mission?

Michelle Campbell: As a mid-westerner, I have a heritage that began in agriculture – crops and land. It’s imperative to not only protect but preserve our land, air, and water to leave a rich agriculture legacy for communities and families to thrive.

Chris Robinson: I’ve spent basically my whole life working as a steward of land and water in the West. WRA’s vision and mission overlap greatly with mine and address head-on the challenges facing our water- and air-sheds, our landscapes, our ecosystems, and our civilization itself.

Felipe Vieyra: I am inspired by WRA’s strong commitment to our future generations by protecting and sustaining the very things we need to be able to live sustainable lives. Without WRA, the fight for conservation would be much harder. I am inspired by the work they do and the fight they continue to protect our future!

Why did you decide to serve on WRA’s board of directors and what does this service mean to you?

Michelle Campbell: It’s imperative to assist in directing land, air, and water use. If not me, then who? We all need to activate our voice and leverage our influence to preserve our natural resources.

Chris Robinson: It is a very high honor to be asked to serve on the board. WRA has an excellent reputation for problem solving and I’ve come to appreciate more and more how timely, effective, and respected its work is. I’m eager to be a part of it.

Felipe Vieyra: I decided to serve on WRA’s board of directors because I would love to lend my voice to the fight for our natural resources. I don’t want to sit on the sidelines when it comes to fighting for a cause that impacts my family, community, and the things that I love. It means a great deal to me to have the honor to be on the board!

What are most excited to accomplish as a WRA board member?

Michelle Campbell: I’m excited to learn more about the policy, advocacy, and legislation that impacts this work.

Chris Robinson: I’ve been working on many of the same issues WRA wrestles with, but on a more limited geographic scale in Utah. I’m excited to engage on a more regional basis and, especially, to learn from and contribute to the exceptional board and staff.

Felipe Vieyra: I am most excited to help advise policy, advocacy, and organizing around our issues!

Board members represent our mission across the region and we are indebted to their commitment and service to our organization. I hope these interviews made you as excited about these new board members as I am. If you’d like to learn more, you can read their full bios here.

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