Bright Climate Future Champions

In 2024, WRA is shining a light on climate solutions and planting the seeds for a brighter climate future.  

We know that every little bit that we do matters. Every drop of water saved, every particle of pollution removed from our air, and every cent invested in protecting land will impact our communities and ecosystems for the better. 

When it comes to a bright climate future, you play an exciting and critical role. As a decision maker, you can champion actions and solutions that can create real, long-lasting change that betters the economy and environment of your state and the livelihoods and health of your constituents.  

During this election year, WRA will be sharing our Bright Climate Future pledge with advocates to encourage important civic actions like down ballot voting, reaching out to elected officials, learning where candidates stand on environmental issues, and supporting representatives who reflect their values.  

As decision makers leading the charge, we are asking you to make climate action a priority and help ensure a sustainable and resilient future for the West.  

We have an opportunity to continue our climate action momentum, but we need you!   

Be a climate champion this year.  

Belief in A Bright Climate Future: Champion equitable policy solutions that make progress toward a bright climate future. 

Clean Energy and Clean Air: Support initiatives in my state that will speed up the transition to renewable energy, reduce pollution invest in our local economies, and safeguard the health of our communities.  

A Sustainable Water Future: Support initiatives in my state that promote smart water use, conserve water for a sustainable water future, and ensure healthy, flowing rivers for communities and wildlife. 

Protected and Accessible Public Lands: Support initiatives in my state that ensure that our unique landscapes and critical wildlife habitats are protected and that our public lands are accessible to all.  

Declare yourself a Bright Climate Future Champion!

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