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Since 1989, Western Resource Advocates has worked to ensure that future generations will have wildlands, clean air, and flowing rivers in the iconic landscape of the West.

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Our Mission

Founded in 1989, Western Resource Advocates is dedicated to protecting the West’s land, air, and water to ensure that vibrant communities exist in balance with nature. We use law, science, and economics to craft innovative solutions to the most pressing conservation issues in the region.

Jon Goldin-Dubois“You’ve seen wind farms that generate clean energy – we help make those happen. You’ve enjoyed the West’s rivers, like the Colorado and the Green – we help keep those flowing. You’ve admired iconic landscapes, like the Grand Canyon and Utah’s Great Salt Lake – we safeguard these places. We work throughout the Interior West to protect the region for future generations.”

 – Jon Goldin-Dubois, President of Western Resource Advocates

Our Vision

The Western United States faces profound environmental challenges. Demand is soaring for energy to heat and cool our homes, cook our food, power our entertainment, charge our communications and fuel our transportation. Pressure from new residents stresses the ability to provide adequate water for communities and to ensure that the iconic rivers of the West continue to flow. At the same time, the search for fossil fuels leads to damaging extractive processes that threaten wildlife and damage the places we love. To make matters worse, our use of traditional fuels, including coal, oil, and gas has led us into a climate predicament that threatens much of what draws Americans to the West.

Despite growing environmental problems, Western Resource Advocates remains undaunted by these challenges in its commitment to protect the West. In our vision:

  • Western rivers and lakes will have abundant clean water to support habitat for fish and wildlife, communities and agriculture, and world class recreational opportunities. The Colorado River will flow to the sea.
  • Our homes, buildings and transportation systems will be powered by clean energy. The West will prosper in a zero-carbon economy.
  • Half of western landscapes and habitat will be protected and connected to support thriving wildlife populations and unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the West’s natural beauty.
  • The West will have clean air and clean water to support healthy communities and vital habitat.

Western Resource Advocates is building on our past successes. Western Resource Advocates has led the conservation community in developing innovative and pragmatic policies that resulted in (among other achievements) closure of coal-fired power plants, leveraging billions of dollars into investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency, protection of flows in nine major river systems in the West, and conservation of over two million acres of land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming from energy development.

Join us to turn the pressures that degrade our environment and quality of life into opportunities that permanently preserve the beauty of the West and our heritage for generations to come.