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Western Resource Advocates protects the West’s land, air and water to ensure that vibrant communities exist in balance with nature.


Western rivers and lakes will have abundant clean water to support habitat for fish and wildlife, communities and agriculture, and world-class recreational opportunities. The Colorado River will flow to the sea.

Our homes, buildings and transportation systems will be powered by clean energy. The West will prosper in a zero-carbon economy.

Half of western landscapes and habitat will be protected and connected to support thriving wildlife populations and unparalleled opportunities to enjoy the West’s natural beauty.

The West will have clean air and clean water to support healthy communities and vital habitat.


WRA works across seven states in the Interior West to protect our climate, land, air, and water. Our six offices serve as hubs for our dedicated staff and policy experts to do their work across our region. WRA acknowledges the lands shown in the map are the traditional territory and current home of the First People.

At Western Resource Advocates, our attorneys, scientists, policy experts, and engineers are taking on the biggest conservation challenges that are facing the West, and we’re winning.

~ Jon Goldin-Dubois, President, WRA


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The West is an amazing place to call home—majestic and breathtaking, with unparalleled landscapes, captivating wildlife, and diverse people.

WRA fights climate change to sustain the environment, economy, and people of the West.

We’re tackling the largest sources of carbon pollution, improving air quality for nature and people, protecting and restoring our rivers and lakes, and connecting the West’s unparalleled landscapes.

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