Fall 2017 Newsletter

Publications | by Brendan Witt

In our Fall 2017 newsletter learn about our effort to connect half our Western landscapes for thriving wildlife and unparalleled opportunities to recreate.

8 Simple Steps That Save 46,100 Gallons of Water Per Year

Blog | by Drew Beckwith

As the New Year gets underway and those New Year’s resolutions turn from daydreams to tough routines, wouldn’t it be great to make a few small, easy changes that could have a huge impact for yourself and others? You can, by resolving to use water more wisely in 2018! Making a few simple changes in... Read more »

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Publications | by Kristie Wang

Jon Goldin-Dubois offers perspective on President Trump’s rollback of environmental protections and what the West can do to defend and advance the protection of land, air, and water.

Outdoor Water Use Is Where the Action Is

Blog | by Drew Beckwith

Should we be watering lawns with our drinking water? As our water-strapped region seeks to balance growing populations in our cities with the needs of our world-class rivers, the future of urban water conservation efforts will increasingly be focused on outdoor water use.