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Sponsorship Spotlight: Kind Design

WRA is grateful for our annual sponsors. Businesses of all kinds support our work to fight climate change and its impacts in the West. We have a special place in our hearts for Kind Design and want to help shine light on the tremendous efforts they are making to combat climate change in their own industry.


Kind Design creates with intention to spread kindness towards the earth and others, through clothing and design.

Not only is Kind Design a sponsor of WRA, but they are an incredible partner in our work towards the protection of air, land, and water across the West. The landscape-centric clothing and design brand also donates $2 from every product sold to WRA. Over the last 5 years that has amounted to almost $10,000, so that we can create a healthier West for all by working to conserve the resources that matter most.

It’s no coincidence that Kind Design’s brand cares so much about our region’s land and water. The founder Baz Redd has been committed to the outdoor lifestyle for decades. He started his career here in Colorado as a raft guide in the summer and ski patroller in the winter – the kinds of jobs that require physical labor all day long, with no breaks between one season ending and a new beginning. But, if you’ve ever met a raft guide or ski patroller, you can immediately sense their passion for being connected to nature in all that they do.

Fast forward years later, Baz married Kristen, the love of his life, and moved to Boulder, Colorado. And despite the fact that he is no longer a river rat or a ski bum (full-time, at least), he still appreciates the outdoors. He found a new way to invest in nature, and, that’s how Kind Design was born. What started as a small business in their house has blossomed into a full-fledged clothing and design company.

Kind Design specializes in their topographic and hydrographic designs, which feature data mostly from major rivers throughout the West, but can be customized to any section of river in the world. This data is featured on leggings, hoodies, bags, ties, belts, prints, and more.

They just launched a River Topo line that is ethically made and constructed primarily of recycled plastic bottles. It’s no secret that the clothing industry is wasteful and full of harsh chemicals. Kind Design is doing what they can to cut down on their own waste by using recycled materials but also by making the clothes right here in Colorado. That means less fuel emissions too, as the products don’t have to be shipped from overseas before finally making their way to the customer. It doesn’t get more local than that!

When Baz and Kristen aren’t running their business, they are busy running around with and chasing after their kids. The Redds have three beautiful children, serving as a constant reminder of what this brand is all about: giving back to protect our lands and waters whenever possible, not just for today, but for the tomorrow their kids will live in.

We can all appreciate the Kind Design motto of spreading a little kindness towards the Earth and others. WRA is proud to have such a committed sponsor – one that values our climate future and is part of the solution.

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