2023 June Utah Growing Water Smart Guidebook

Utah Growing Water Smart The Water-Land Use Integration Guidebook: Ensuring a Prosperous Future and Healthy Watersheds Through the Integration of Water Resources and Land Use Planning

Utah communities are faced with the challenge of accommodating growing populations, supporting economic development, and maintaining or enhancing quality of life, all while managing increasingly variable and scarce water supplies, infrastructure challenges related to growth, and the impacts of land and habitat degradation. At the community level, each planning and regulatory mechanism guiding how and where a community develops provides an opportunity to consider how to better integrate water and land use with a view toward reducing future risks and strengthening resiliency. This guidebook is intended to help Utah communities identify the most appropriate actions related to land use that will help achieve their water resource management goals. Sections include: planning and goal setting, water smart land use and development policies, watershed resilience and water smart infrastructure, and water conservation and efficiency tools. The guidebook is a key resource used to guide Utah’s Growing Water Smart workshops.

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