2010 Annual Report

Our programs are increasingly interrelated. John Muir’s maxim that “everything in nature is connected to everything else” is evident across all of our work, especially in the nexus between energy and water. We are examining the enormous water demands of energy generation facilities and the heavy demands for energy required to support water projects such as pipelines. We are successfully convincing regulatory bodies of the importance of water as a factor in planning for energy generation.

Western Resource Advocates is also focused on stewardship of our precious rivers and streams, so that fish and fishermen, river runners and those who sit on the bank and admire the view, will continue to be blessed with flowing water. The imperative to address climate change informs our priorities and our approaches to creating solutions to the complex energy and environmental issues we face. WRA was instrumental in implementing Colorado’s Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act, which calls for the retirement of a number of coal plants in the Denver metro area, substantially reducing carbon emissions and providing significant public health benefits.

For a full account of our efforts to safeguard the western landscapes we love, peruse our 2010 Annual Report.

“I don’t have much time for groups that come with a lot of rhetoric and few realistic solutions. WRA is a tough advocacy group to be sure, but it works constructively. I like that.”
–Rick Sprott, WRA 2010 Volunteer of the Year

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