A Love Story of the West

| by Jon Goldin-Dubois, President

As WRA asks supporters like you to show your LOVE for the West, it seems fitting for me to share this story about how two friends of mine have made protecting this region an important part of their lives—recently demonstrating their profound commitment to one another and their love for the West in an inspiring way:

Integrating Local Land and Water Use Planning to Sustain Flows in the Verde River

| by Linda Stitzer, Arizona Senior Water Policy Advisor

The Verde River in central Arizona is threatened by the expansion of groundwater pumping to serve new development. Improving the connection between land use and water resource planning that ensures new development has the smallest water footprint possible will reduce impacts to flows and help protect the Verde River.

8 Simple Steps That Save 46,100 Gallons of Water Per Year

| by Drew Beckwith, Water Policy Manager

As the New Year gets underway and those New Year’s resolutions turn from daydreams to tough routines, wouldn’t it be great to make a few small, easy changes that could have a huge impact for yourself and others? You can, by resolving to use water more wisely in 2018! Making a few simple changes in... Read more »

4 States, 8 Milestones: A Look Back at 2017 for our Clean Energy Program

| by Joan Clayburgh, Communications Director

Those of us who care about clean air, expanding clean energy, and addressing climate change approached 2017 with no small amount of dread.  The Trump Administration proceeded to make good on bad promises from the campaign -- removing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, rescinding EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and undermining bedrock environmental... Read more »