Strengthening and Supporting Salt River Project’s Sustainability Goals


Join us as we:

  • Provide information on SRP’s current sustainability goals and process. 
  • Emphasize why utilities across Arizona need to adopt 80% emissions reductions by 2030 goals.  
  • Discuss the problematic difference between mass-based goals versus intensity-based goals for reducing emissions.  
  • Highlight SRP’s work on the leading edge of water conservation across Arizona and the intersection of water and energy in the state.  
  • Share how you can advocate for stronger sustainability goals in your role as a consumer, business, or decision maker.  

Additional Resources



SRP Sustainability Advisory Group

SRP assembled a Sustainability Advisory Group to provide feedback and technical input on the utility’s 2035 Corporate Sustainability Goals. Experts from WRA, other environmental organizations, local governments, renewable energy trade organizations, and large companies participate in this working group.  SRP’s Strategic Planning Committee will review and discuss the proposed goals in February, and the utility’s full Board will vote on the goals in March. 

Raise your voice

The best way to reach out to SRP’s leadership to share your thoughts on the 2035 Sustainability Goals or attend an upcoming board meeting is to email Corporate Secretary John Felty at CorporateSecretary@srpnet.com. You can also mail in a letter to:

SRP Headquarters
1500 N. Mill Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281

SRP Board Elections

The SRP’s Board election is coming up on April 2, 2024. Generally, only residents living within SRP’s service area who own land can vote in the coming Board election. SRP elections can be confusing – the best way to determine if you can vote is to reach out to the Elections Information Line at 602-236-3048 You can also email election@srpnet.com. The deadline to register to vote is March 4, and you can also request an early mail-in ballot. Learn more: srpnet.com/elections.

Fact Sheet: Improving SRP's Generation Carbon Goal



Alex Routhier, Ph.D.

Arizona Clean Energy Manager / Senior Policy Advisor, WRA

Alex Routhier, PhD., is a senior policy advisor at Western Resource Advocates and manages the clean energy team in Arizona. In this role, he works to expand clean energy, accelerate grid modernization and transportation electrification, and limit greenhouse gas emissions. He works closely with utilities in Arizona – particularly Arizona Public Service, Tucson Electric Power and the Salt River Project – on long-term and integrated system planning.


Kim Mitchell

Senior Policy Advisor, WRA

Kim’s work is aimed at expanding and supporting conservation programs that help stabilize Lake Mead, protecting the state’s groundwater resources, and increasing water management flexibility in Arizona. She collaborates with key water stakeholders and conservation partners and works closely with state agency staff to promote state and Colorado River water supply sustainability. Kim’s current work focuses on facilitating innovative water-sharing transactions that help manage limited supplies with flexibility. 

Murphy Bannerman

Murphy Bannerman

Arizona Government Affairs Manager, WRA

As the Arizona Government Affairs Manager, Murphy works with stakeholders throughout the state to promote conservation policies in the administrative and legislative spheres. With a focus on building coalitions to support clean energy policies and programs, she builds relationships with elected officials, community partners, and the business community to advance WRA’s vision in the region. As part of her role, she’ll also serve on Arizona Forward’s Central Regional Council, helping to inform the organization and its members on sustainability issues.


Emily Doefler

Emily Doerfler

Attorney, WRA

Emily Doerfler is an attorney representing WRA in state-level administrative proceedings in Arizona, as well as state and federal litigation. She participates in a diverse array of rulemaking and litigated proceedings before various regulatory agencies, including state public utility, air quality, and regional transmission planning groups. She also assists in WRA’s legislative advocacy efforts.

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