Stock Gift Information

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To make a stock gift, have your broker electronically transfer the stock from your account to ours. Instruct your broker to deliver the shares via DTC. Your broker will need the following information:

Brokerage Account: Charles Schwab & Co.
Account Name: Western Resource Advocates
Legal Name: Western Resource Advocates, Inc.
DTC # 0164, Code # 40
Account # 5881-7331
Tax ID # 84-1113831
If needed, please contact 1-877-328-0176 and ask to be transferred to the Schwab Accounts Group.

In order to allocate the transaction to the appropriate donor and provide a gift receipt, please send Rick Trilsch and Theresa Bushman the following information before the transaction is made: your name, address, name of the stock, and the number shares being donated. If you’d like your gift to remain anonymous, please let us know.

Thank you for your gift! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Theresa Bushman.

Theresa Bushman

Vice President of Development and Communications

Rick Trilsch

Vice President of Finance and Administration

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