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We encourage our fans and followers to engage with our content, comment on our posts, and contribute to open discussion about our work, and about the environmental concerns and conservation challenges facing the West. However, we expect posts to be made in a reasonable, respectful manner.

WRA values free speech, and does not discriminate against views or opinions. We also value the safety and security of our audience members, and strive to maintain a safe space for the civilized exchange of information and ideas.

WRA does not necessarily agree with or endorse in any way comments or post from individuals on our posts or pages. We aim to accept and allow the majority of posts on our page and facilitate healthy, respectful and informed discussion.

WRA will hide, remove, delete, or report comments that:

  • Are vulgar, abusive, obscene, or that threaten or harass others
  • Contain bigoted, racist, or targeted language
  • Attack other posters
  • Include libel, slander, or attack specific groups or individuals
  • Spam posts, including posts that promote products, services, or contain links to offers for products and services
  • Any comment or post containing nudity or offensive photos
  • Any comment that may violate copyright, trademark, or other U.S. laws
  • Repeated or redundant posts
  • Any other comments that the WRA team determines to be inappropriate

All comments on WRA posts are subject to review by the WRA team and may be removed at the team’s discretion.

We reserve the right to moderate our comments section, replies, fan and follower lists, and posts to our pages as we see fit, and remove any comment for any reason we deem appropriate.

While social media conversations occur around the clock, our ability to monitor all posts and comments on WRA social media pages is limited. Please understand that we may not see every comment right away, and will review and respond as necessary within a reasonable time frame.

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