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There’s a new way to donate your Colorado income refund and support WRA’s work.

We are excited to partner with ReFUND CO to make giving to WRA easy this tax season. Simply use the “Voluntary Contributions” schedule on your 2019 tax form to choose an eligible nonprofit.

Look for the new additional option of “Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund” on that schedule and insert all three of the following:



Western Resource Advocates


CCSA Registration #:



Donation Amount:

Give all or part of your refund!

Different tax filing software programs (like TurboTax) will display prompts for tax filers getting refunds in various ways, and you will have to look for “Donate to a Colorado Fund.” If you use a tax preparer, like H&R Block or a CPA, you will need to inform the tax preparer to include the nonprofit’s name, the registration number, and amount.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

You must write in three items to make the donation:

  • the nonprofit’s name,
  • the nonprofit’s complete Secretary of State Charitable Solicitations Act registration number,
  • and amount of the donation.

With thousands of nonprofit organizations eligible, it would take a lot of time for the Department of Revenue’s processing system to accurately determine what nonprofit the taxpayer intended due to the possibilities of misspellings or incomplete or incorrect names. In addition, only nonprofits registered under the Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act (CCSA) for five years are eligible. When a nonprofit registers, the Secretary of State assigns a CCSA registration number to that nonprofit. The Department of Revenue has programmed the CCSA registration numbers for all eligible nonprofits into its computer system. A donation to any ineligible nonprofit not in the system will be void and returned to the taxpayer.

No, you may donate as much or as little of your refund as you wish.

You can only choose one nonprofit to write in for Donate to a Colorado Nonprofit Fund. But you may also give part of your refund to one or more of the named organizations or funds listed on the voluntary Contribution schedule.

The amount in excess of your refund is void. The Department of Revenue will not credit the nonprofit’s account with the entire amount of the attempted donation and then bill the taxpayer for the difference.

Request written acknowledgement:

If you require a written acknowledgment to deduct the contribution on your federal taxes or to claim a Child Care Contribution or Enterprise Zone state income tax credit, please demonstrate you have given to Western Resource Advocates through Donate to Colorado Nonprofit by sending us your completed Voluntary Contributions form to fulfill your own reporting responsibilities.


Jenn Campbell, 720-763-3725, jenn.campbell@westernresources.org