NV Energy Proposal Bad News for Families that Want to Control Power Bills

Sierra Pacific Power Company, NV Energy’s Northern Nevada utility, has proposed almost tripling the monthly fixed charge for residential customers from $16.50 to $44.40 in a recently filed application with the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada. If approved by the Commission, the requests will result in an overall 9% rate increase, and a significant impact to power bills for many Nevada families.

This Is the Year for Colorado to Map a Full Transition to Electric Cars

This year, Colorado regulators will consider a proposal to adopt a new clean cars standard that will help accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles. WRA and GreenLatinos urge the state to adopt the strongest standard now, which would lock in significant health and economic benefits for all Coloradans.

Top Five Ways to Fix High Gas Bills in the West

Customers across the Interior West struggled with high utility bills this winter. Here, we detail five policy solutions that can keep energy affordable for all customers by transitioning from fossil fuels.

Facts about Advanced Clean Trucks in Colorado

As Colorado considers adopting a Clean Truck standard, there are a lot of questions about the ruling and what it means for businesses and our communities. We’re here to separate fact from fiction. Public rulemaking before the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission begins April 19, and a final decision on the proposed standards is expected by the end of the month.

Why Are Your Utility Bills So High in Colorado?

This winter, many Coloradans were surprised to see their gas bills double or even triple in price. Here, we break down why the reason behind this lies in our reliance on natural gas and the continued expansion of gas infrastructure by major utilities.

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