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Driving State Action

How do we drive state action? WRA engages in four key aspects ofpolicymaking that we have refined throughout our 34-year history.


Annual Report 2022

How do we drive state action? WRA engages in four key aspects of policymaking that we have refined throughout our 34-year history.


WRA combines expertise and experience with research and science to develop policies, legislation, plans, regulations, and rules that address complex problems. Our regional approach integrates the distinct political and cultural landscape of states and allows us to scale proven strategies, models, and solutions across the West.

Blue Lake, Colorado


WRA works to ensure all voices are heard where decisions are made. We actively partner with communities, Indigenous governments, advocacy groups, and coalitions to develop effective and equitable policies, galvanize support, and unify communities around the most impactful state action.

Sonoran Desert, Arizona


WRA advocates for the adoption of critical solutions where decisions are made in state and local government — in legislatures, governors’ offices, commissions, and city councils. Leveraging our policy expertise with government affairs and communications, WRA works closely with decision makers to inform and enact ambitious policies. At the same time, we work to stop efforts that are environmentally harmful and impede progress.

White Sands National Park, New Mexico


Once a law, policy, plan, or rule is enacted, there is important and detailed work to ensure its effective implementation. WRA works with lawmakers, agencies, utilities, and stakeholders to put laws and policies into action. We defend them in legal forums, assess and analyze their impact, and ensure they deliver their intended outcomes.

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