The landscapes of the American West are globally renowned for their beauty, biodiversity, stunning vistas and wildness. Past environmental damage and current impacts of poorly planned energy developments, including oil shale and tar sands, imperil land, water, wildlife, and our health.  These threats are compounded by climate change, which is expected to intensify in the future and is already devastating large parts of the West through impacts such as catastrophic wildfires and damage to our forests. We must act now to decrease greenhouse gases to reduce catastrophic climate changes and at the same time adapt our land protection to account for changes already set in motion from past greenhouse gas emissions.

Western Resource Advocates’ Western Lands Program works to protect wildlife and the beauty of the West for future generations in the face of these challenges. We do this by:

  • Protecting iconic landscapes and wildlife,
  • Stopping large-scale commercial development of oil shale and tar sands, and
  • Addressing climate change threats to western lands.