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Personnel Policies

  • Employee Benefits Summary
    • The Employee Benefits Summary does not include all benefits available to WRA employees or all of the policies that govern working at WRA. Please see WRA’s Personnel Policies & Employee Handbook for complete benefits and polices.
  • Employee Handbook
    • Details for all personnel policies – vacation leave, parental leave, whistleblower policy, etc. – can be found in the Employee Handbook.
  • Sick Leave Bank Policy
  • Sabbatical Leave Policy
    • Sabbatical Leave Request Template
    • Sabbatical Leave Checklist
    • Steps for submitting a sabbatical leave proposal:
      1. Employee submits draft sabbatical plan to supervisor for approval. Supervisor reviews/comments/approves edited draft.
      2. Next draft goes to department head for approval; or both the deputy director and director of the department (for now, that’s only clean energy). Department head (or combo department head & appropriate deputy) reviews/comments/approves edited draft.
      3. Next draft goes to the appropriate VP for approval. VP reviews/comments/approves edited draft.
      4. Next draft goes to VP of Finance and Administration (VPFA)to approve. VPFA reviews/comments/approves edited draft.
      5. VPFA sends request for final approval to President.
  • Cell Phone/Internet Reimbursement Policy & Form to Complete
  • Confidentiality & Non-disclosure Agreement

Employee Benefits

Paychecks, Timesheets, & Labor Law Posters

Staff List & Organizational Chart

  • Staff Contact Information – You can find contact information in three places:
    • ADP – Log into ADP and type in the name in the ADP search bar at the top of the page. Then click on the employee name from the list that appears. Alternatively, you can find the employee through the Organizational Chart (instructions below) and click on the name in the chart to pull up the contact information.
    • Outlook – In the “Search People” box type the name of the employee – this is not the main search bar at the top of Outlook, but the “Search People” box in the main ribbon of options. Click on the employee name from the list of names that appear and their contact info will appear.
    • WRA WebsiteThe staff page of our public facing website also includes emails and phone numbers.
  • Organizational Chart
    • Log into ADP and select “Myself” drop down menu in the upper left hand corner. Go to “Employment” link and select “Organizational Chart.”
    • Once on the ADP Organizational Chart page it will show you your immediate team and by selecting the up arrow it will zoom out to to more teams and the rest of the organization.

Employment Forms

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