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Scheduling Private Offices & Open Desks in Temporary Denver Office

There are 5 unassigned private offices that can be reserved; as well as Meagan’s office (office D) when she is not there. We use a system through Outlook to reserve private offices and desks in the open area of the office. This reservation system is built within our existing Office 365 email and calendaring system in order to make the user experience as seamless as possible. The map show the “hoteling” offices and desks that are available in the WRA Denver office on the 5th floor of the Alliance Center.

In the reservation system the numbered desks are collectively referred to as “TAC Open Space Desks” and will allow up to 10 total people to book the space in the same time period before closing it off to further reservations.  The private offices, identified by letters, all have capacity limits of 1, and will become unavailable for booking once one person has booked the workspace.  Contact Jeff or Haley if you have any questions on how the reservation system works.

Click here for instructions on how to reserve an office or desk in Denver.

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