greenhouse gas accounting whitepaper cover

Greenhouse Gas Accounting Systems in Wholesale Regional Electricity Markets: Considerations for the Western Interconnection

Publications | by Abby Kuranz

Regional markets in principle have huge potential to create renewable energy cost savings and efficiencies while decarbonizing electricity, so a regional greenhouse gas accounting system is crucial for realizing the benefits of a regional wholesale electricity market. Our aim here is to offer best practices and recommendations for a future greenhouse gas accounting system for a regional wholesale electricity market in the West.

2021 May Field Notes

2021 April Field Notes

Publications | by Abby Kuranz

This issue we break down issues surrounding water scarcity in the West. Learn how WRA is helping save the Colorado River, spearhead innovative policy efforts at the intersection of water and energy, and using ourtanding waters designations to protect entire watersheds.

WRA Winter 2021 Field Notes Cover Photo

2021 Winter Field Notes

Publications | by Abby Kuranz

In this issue you’ll learn all about WRA’s work with wildlife corridors, why we’re tackling climate pollution from vehicles and buildings, and how one WRA supporter is helping WRA create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive conservation workforce.

2020 Fall Field Notes Cover

2020 Fall Field Notes

Publications | by Abby Kuranz

For the past 30 years, the advocacy and hard work of WRA’s dedicated experts and our passionate community of supporters have helped ensure a healthier, more wide-open, and wilder West.
From systematically working to transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, to protecting miles of rivers and habitat, we all can be proud of how we’ve helped protect this region. But this year has been like no other, and the challenges we face are increasing.

The Interior West is feeling pressure from every direction, and now more than ever, it’s on us all to ensure that the future we envision for this region stays within our reach. The most important way you can do this is by making sure you vote—and get everyone you know to vote.

2019 WRA Annual Report Cover

2019 WRA Annual Report

Publications | by Abby Kuranz

Thirty years after we were founded, Western Resource Advocates has grown stronger, more nimble, and more effective—just when our communities need it most.

WRA Annual Report

2018 Annual Report

Publications | by Abby Kuranz

Our 2018 annual report summarizes key successes we’ve made and a refined vision that charts a path to ensuring our vibrant communities in the West exist in balance with nature.