penny anderson 2019

Penny Anderson

Clean Energy Program Assistant

Parks Barroso

Parks Barroso

Staff Attorney, Clean Energy Program

julianne basinger 2019

Julianne Basinger

Senior Communications Manager

cydney beadles 2019

Cydney Beadles

Managing Senior Staff Attorney

Severiano DeSoto

Severiano DeSoto

Western State & Federal Clean Energy Policy Fellow

gwen farnsworth

Gwen Farnsworth

Managing Senior Policy Advisor

Meera Fickling

Meera Fickling

Senior Climate Policy Analyst

sophie hayes 2019

Sophie Hayes

Managing Senior Staff Attorney

callie hood 2019

Callie Hood

Legal and Program Assistant

Deborah Kapiloff

Deborah Kapiloff

Transportation Electrification Policy Analyst

nancy kelly

Nancy Kelly

Senior Policy Advisor

aaron kressig 2019

Aaron Kressig

Transportation Electrification Manager

ellen howard kutzer 2019

Ellen Howard Kutzer

Senior Staff Attorney

regina nichols 2019

Regina Nichols

Paralegal/Office Manager

john nielsen 2019

John Nielsen

Vice President of Policy and Programs

pat o'connell 2019

Pat O’Connell

Deputy Director

erin overturf 2019

Erin Overturf

Clean Energy Program Director

Alex Routhier

Alex Routhier

Senior Clean Energy Policy Analyst


Vijay Satyal

Regional Energy Markets Manager

adam stafford 2019

Adam Stafford

Managing Senior Staff Attorney


Stacy Tellinghuisen

Climate Policy Manager

Clare Valenrine

Clare Valentine

Flexible Grid Analyst

Sydney Welter

Sydney Welter

Energy Markets Policy Analyst

ken wilson 2019

Ken Wilson

Engineering Fellow