Wyoming is a mountainous state known for being the least populous state in the nation. From the Great Plains, to the Rocky Mountains, Grand Tetons, Wind River Range, and Black Hills – these are the high peaks and western landscapes of legend. The rivers, lakes and canyons are just as spectacular – Jackson Lake, Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone River, the Green River, and Flaming Gorge. It is no surprise, with so many varied and beloved wildlands, that Wyoming is also known for its fisheries, wildlife, and recreation. Mineral extraction, travel and tourism are the main drivers of the Wyoming economy. Sadly, the growing oil and gas industry is straining limited water supplies, and climate change is increasing heat waves, wildfires and drought, and stressing threatened and endangered wildlife.

Western Resource Advocates works in Wyoming to promote a clean energy future to mitigate climate change impacts and protect iconic landscapes. We are dedicated to stewarding the state’s air, land, and water so that future generations can thrive and enjoy Wyoming’s wonders as we do today.

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