Colorado is a state where mountains define regions, rivers and streams are central features for many communities and wildlands, and the Great Plains and the Colorado Plateau inspire us with wide open spaces. The Colorado River’s headwaters cascade from the Rocky Mountains to start its seven state journey to Mexico.  The high mountains, deep canyons, forests, lakes, deserts and dunes provide incredible recreation for all. Sadly, population growth is shrinking limited water supplies and threatening to dry up our rivers and lakes. Climate change is increasing wildfires, drought, heat waves and jeopardizing diverse habitat and wildlife throughout the state. And energy development creates pressure and tradeoffs on our public and private lands causing concern for our air and water quality, wildlife habitat and public health.

Western Resource Advocates is a leader in protecting Colorado’s air, land and water. Our work to promote Healthy Rivers protects numerous rivers and champions a sustainable water future for communities, wildlife, and agriculture. We advance Clean Energy through a robust cutting edge program promoting renewable energy, and reducing carbon emissions by closing coal fired power plants in the state. Our work on Western Land Conservation seeks to protect our communities and wildlife from oil and gas development – shaping regulations and laws for a responsible development. We have a rich history in defending iconic landscapes and critical wildlife species. We are devoted to safeguarding the Colorado’s air, land and water for future generations to enjoy.

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Boulder Office (Headquarters)

2260 Baseline Road, Suite 200
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For Clean Energy-related media inquiries, reach out to Julianne Basinger.

For other media inquiries, reach out to Christie Silverstein.

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1536 Wynkoop Street, Suite 210
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303.444.1188
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