New House, New Paradigm: A Model for How to Plan, Build, and Live Water-smart

The Interior West is simultaneously the driest and fastest growing region of the United States. With an expected influx of millions of new residents to this region in the coming decades, it is imperative that a new style of development be implemented now — one that recognizes and embraces the distinct lack of water in this region.

This report shows what this new style of development can look like and how it can succeed through the integration of smart planning, green building practices, and programs aimed at encouraging residents to live a water-smart lifestyle.

In the “New House, New Paradigm” report, WRA describes the nexus between land use and water demands and offers a model for how water-smart growth can meet both the housing needs of our new residents and preserve our natural rivers and watersheds. The model addresses water conservation and efficiency in the planning, building, and living phases of new residential development. WRA highlights existing water-smart developments throughout the region as case studies to demonstrate the feasibility of this new growth style and to highlight water conservation successes.

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