2013 Annual Report

In 2013, the Energy Program advanced renewable energy and energy efficiency capabilities in the West. Western Resource Advocates expanded energy efficiency investments in New Mexico by developing and helping to secure a policy that requires increased investment (3% of utility revenues) in energy efficiency programs. In Nevada, WRA developed and helped enact policy revisions that remove loopholes and energy efficiency credits from Nevada’s Renewable Portfolio Standard, leading to increased renewable energy investments in the state.

Our Lands Program helped protect public lands from oil shale and tar sands development, protected important sage-grouse habitat, and incorporated environmental and clean energy considerations within planning processes for transmission expansion in the West, a key step in supporting the expansion of our renewable energy resources. Our Water Program successfully promoted water conservation and efficiency while also finding solutions that protect the quality of streams and groundwater. And, we played the lead role in a hearing to strengthen reporting requirements for toxins or carcinogenic chemicals that can contaminate water at drilling and hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” sites.

Take a look inside our Annual Report for a full report of the year’s successes and the generous donors who helped make it possible.

“We are proud to know that by supporting Western Resource Advocates we are protecting the natural resources that sustain us and preserving the beauty of Mother Earth for ourselves, our families, and for future generations.”
–Dale LeMonds Owner, Inspire Greatness Aveda Institutes

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