The West: AND YET... protect the west It is our home. It fuels our passions. It drives our industry.

The West is feeling unprecedented pressure from increasing demands for energy, the impacts of climate change and the rapid growth in our communities are stressing our iconic rivers. These issues have a direct impact on the future of the places we climb, hike, ski, fish, hunt, and paddle.

The voice of the $887 billion outdoor industry is a powerful tool, and with these issues bearing down on us, it’s time to wield it.

WRA’s Protect The West campaign is a collaborative effort to harness the influence of the outdoor industry’s most respected brands to take on the environmental issues that impact the future of the West.

We are building a coalition of influential corporate voices from the outdoor industry – companies who have the will to strategically weigh on WRA’s land, air and water issues across the West, using their influence and scale to drive policy outcomes and mobilize their communities to help us solve these critical issues.

The Protect The West Coalition

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