Arizona Projects

PUC Advocacy

Advocating before public utility commissions helps advance clean energy throughout the West. Western Resource Advocates’ attorneys, engineers and other experts effectively advocate to increase the use of solar, wind, energy efficiency and other clean energy technologies, and electric vehicles.

San Pedro River, AZ

The San Pedro River is the last undammed river in the American Southwest and this lush river corridor is a critical home to birds and wildlife, drawing visitors from around the country. We work to ensure a healthy river by keeping water in the river through the advancement of water conservation by all water users.

Verde River, AZ

The Verde River supports lush and abundant wildlife and recreation in the arid Southwest, but groundwater pumping and agricultural water withdrawals threaten the health of the River. Western Resource Advocates works to sustain a thriving Verde River by reducing demand on the groundwater that feeds the River through promoting water conservation, sound water management planning, and water reuse.

Water System Development Charges

By encouraging water conservation at the outset of a new development, water utilities will not only extend their existing water supplies, they save consumers money on their monthly water bills.