Arizona Projects

Advancing a Regional Power Market

A regional power market efficiently deploys the lowest-cost energy from across the region to meet the needs of an expanded geographic footprint, thereby lowering costs. And, through lower energy prices, a regional market can spur economic growth. Lower electricity prices translate into greater household income, and more income to spend can stimulate local economies. A regional power market would also mean that our utilities could more cost-effectively and reliably integrate larger amounts of renewable energy onto our electric grid in the West.

Rate Design

Well-designed electric rates are good for customers and the planet

Arizona Colorado River Shortage

The demand from communities and agriculture for Colorado River water exceeds the amount of water in the River. Fortunately, there are water conservation measures that can ensure Arizona’s residents, businesses, and agriculture continue to thrive even with less Colorado River water.


Arizona Water Conservation

Water conservation and reuse is a no-regrets and realistic strategy to help stretch limited water supplies to meet the needs of growing populations in Arizona. Communities adopting innovative conservation options can build a more secure and resilient water supply future for residents and rivers.

Arizona Rivers

Arizona rivers support communities, agriculture, mining uses, and are also “ribbons of life” for plants and animals. We seek to bolster the state’s instream flow program such that these rivers can remain protected for current and future generations.

Energy and Water Nexus

Water needs and energy needs are tightly linked. Generating energy – particularly at fossil-fueled power plants – requires a lot of water and pumping, treating, and using water requires a lot of energy. This synergy creates many opportunities for energy and water planners to reduce both energy and water demands.

Flexible Grid

Western Resource Advocates seeks a modern, flexible electricity grid that efficiently integrates innovative clean energy technologies, such as distributed solar generation, electric vehicles, and battery storage – all of which can reduce carbon pollution that causes climate change.

Performance Contracting

Performance contracting is a powerful public-private partnership tool that helps public entities implement efficiency projects that pay for themselves and save significant amounts of water, energy and money with no up-front capital costs.